FVB-CF-12K-Carbon Fiber Heating Cable
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carbon fiber heating cable
FVB-CF-12K-Carbon Fiber Heating Cable

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:FVB-CF-12K
Conductor Type:Stranded
Conductor Material:Carbon Fiber
Sheath Material:Teflon
Insulation Material:Teflon
Material Shape:Round Wire
Range of Application:Heating
Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:YIYUAN or OEM
HS Code:8544491100

Product Description

Carbon fiber heating cable 
(Carbon fiber: Japan Toray brand)


Carbon fiber heater can be used for various types of electric blankets, heating gloves, heating pipe, heating the floor of the good materials, products, long life, security, development, resistance to folding performance, issued by the wave of far-infrared waves , absorption rate of the human body, feel comfortable, dry and no other discomfort and so on.

1 .has a high mechanical strength and long service life
2. on the hotline, light weight, soft, can be bent in various shapes
3 .heater thermal inertia, heat quickly, saving energy.
4 .is not easy to aging, durable.
5 .resistance value stability, even heating, heating temperature, heating power can be with the cable length, voltage regulation and control.

For the family room, hall, classrooms, swimming pools, sports facilities, children's playground, heated brood, vegetables, flowers, greenhouse rooms and other places.
Outdoor applications: for roads of snow, the snow runway, roof, snow melting off the ditch, pipe insulation, drains antifreeze, grass soccer field, public green space, soil insulation, stairs of the Snow, tank heating antifreeze.





Maximum operating temperature  80 - 200 °C
 Ambient temperature  - 30 ~ +45 °C
 Outer Diameter  1.5 - 5mm
 Insulation  PVC, Teflon, glass fiber
 Resistance  carbon fiber
Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heating Cable (FVB-CF-12K)

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