single core floor heating cable
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Single Core Underground Floor Heating Cable   Production details B
single core floor heating cable

Single Core Underground Floor Heating Cable


Production details

Brand Name


Heating Cable Type

Single Conductor Heating Cable

Cable Model






Standard Length(M)


Power per meter(W/M)


Total value of resistance(Ω)


Cable color


Range for Application

Floor heating, Snow and ice melting, Pipe insulation,

Heating for baby animal husbandry, snow melting and 

soil heating, etc.

  Production pictures

 Electric Single Core Underground Floor Heating Cable

  Cable internal structure 


1.Heating alloy wire 

Series structure without  voltage drop;

the temperature of whole cable is even.  

2.Silane crosslinked polyethylene insulation

The long-term working temperature is 105°C

The instantaneous overload temperature is 205°C 

3.Ground wire 8 tin plated copper wires with a diameter of 0.4mm
4.Thickened metal electromagnetic shielding layer Thichened Aluminum composite membrane shielding layer can shield the electronmagnetic radiation effectively which already passed the American electronmagnetic radiation detection and the European Union CE certification.
5.Flame-retardant PVC sleeves Safe and environmental
Note Heating wire and copper wire are welded together before extruded insulation. our production process can prevent leakage and gurantee the continuiry of metal shieding




• Cable Can Be Overlapped Without Creating Hot Spots or Causing a Burn Out


•  Cable Can be Cut and Spliced in The Field, Simplifying The Installation Process and Reducing Waste


• Rugged 16 AWG Bus Cable With Longer Runs


•  Large Selection of Cable Wattages Available  

• Two Year Warranty


• Cable Available in 120 or 240 Volt Construction