1.5mm Diameter Simplex E Type Thermocouple Cable
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1.5mm Diameter Simplex E Type Thermocouple Cable
1.5mm Diameter Simplex E Type Thermocouple Cable

E  thermocouple cable
2.Graduation Mark:E;
3.Wire number:Simplex type( 2 cores);
4.Material of the outer protection tube:A-304/321(0Cr18Ni9) ;
Other types of outer protection tube are available: 
[I].A-304 or321    [II].B-GH3030   [III].C-GH3039   [ IV].IN-INCONEL600    [V].P-310S  [VI]. HL-316L
5.Diameter of outer tube:1.5mm;  ( diameter from 0.5mm to 12.7mm available)
6.Thickness of outer tube:0.21mm;
7.Inner core element:NiCr/CuNi;
8.Diameter of core wire:0.24-0.27mm
9.Limited length for piece:100m;
10. Special requirements can be customized .
Thermocouple temperature tolerance:
1.Class I:
Temperature range:-40°C to 375°C,the tolerance is ±1.5°C;
Temperature range:375°C to 800°C,the tolerance is± 0.004|t|;
2.Class II:
Temperature range:-40°C to 333°C,the tolerance is ±2.5°C;
Temperature range:333°C to 900°C,the tolerance is±  0.0075|t|;  
3.Class III:
Temperature range:-167°C to 40°C,the tolerance is ±2.5°C;
Temperature range:-200°C to -167°C,the tolerance is±  0.015|t|;