Self Regulating Heating Cables
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Self Regulating Heating Cables
Self Regulating Heating Cables

Self Regulating Heating Cables

Self Regulating Heating Cables provide the most versatility in heat trace designs and applications. Constructed of a semiconductive

Heater matrix extruded between parallel bus wires, a self- regulating cable adjusts its output to independently respond to ambient

Temperatures all along its length. As temperatures increase, the heater's resistance increases which lower the output wattage.

Conversely, as the temperature decreases, the resistance decreases and the cable produces more heat. So it is no need thermostat

In some applications. It will never overheat or burnout even when wrapped by itself (overlapped). Also can be cut to any length.

The result _an energy efficient heating cable.

It is ideally used for process temperature maintenance and frost protection of small diameter pipelines, tanks, valves, flanges.

It is suitable for hazardous area, also non-hazardous area and corrosive area with fluoroplymer outer jacket.

Technical Data
Output Wattage 10 , 15,25 , 30 , 40(W/m)  10, 17, 25(W/m)  11, 17, 23,31(W/m) 30,45,60(W/m) 10, 17, 25 , 31 , 40(W/m) 35, 45, 60(W/m)
Maximum maintain temperature  65°C  65°C  65°C 85°C   65°C   110°C
Maximum exposure temperature  85°C   85°C    85°C  205°C    85°C   205°C  
Minimum installation temperature   -40°C
Work voltage  110V- 120V / 220-240V  
FSR-P Tinned copper metal braid
FSR-PB PVC Thermoplastic outer jacket
FSR-PF Fluoropolymer   outer jacket
Max resistance of braid  ≤18.2Ω/km
Bus wire gauge