Heat Preservation Roof Protection Automatic Heating Cable
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Heat Preservation Roof Protection Automatic Heating Cable
Heat Preservation Roof Protection Automatic Heating Cable

Product Description

Heat Preservation Roof Protection Automatic Heating Cable 
Heat Preservation Roof Protection Automatic Heating Cable
Operate temperature           Max. working temperature 65±5   
Max. exposure temperature 85  
Max. bearing temperature: modified polyolefin: 105; fire-retardant polyolefin: 105; fluorin-contained polyolefin: 180; fluorin material: 205 
minimum installation temperature:-40
Application fields                   Pipe. tank freeze protection and process temperature maintenance ;Indoor and outdoor heating systems, freeze protection and snow melting.
Service voltage 12v 24v 36v 110v 220v 380v
Output power (at 10°C) 10w/m 15w/m 20w/m 25w/m 30w/m 35w/m 40w/m 45w/m 50w/m 55w/m 60w/m
Thermostability After circulating for 300times from 10to 99, cable heat is maintained at 90% and above.
Minimum bend radius At 20 :25.4mm; At -30 :35.0mm
Insulation resistance The cable length 100m, test it with 2500VDC megger for 1min at 75°C, the minimum insulation resistance is 2100MΩ
Start-up crurrent ( 10 ) ≤0.7A/m
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Key Specifications/Special Features
1.Security , uniform temperature of heating cables pipeline
2.No overheat or burnout when overlapping
3.convenient for automation management 
4.Energy saving,low installation and low operation cost,easy installation and maintenance
5.Heats up quick,rapid start when intermittent operation
6.Suitable for complex pipeline heat tracing
7.long-distance pipeline heat tracing
8.Suitable for instrument box antifreezing
9.Energy saving and long service
10.No pollution
Applicable for pipes,vessels and equipment thermal insulation temperature control,heat tracing,the material is easy to decompose and deteriorate.

 Heat Preservation Roof Protection Automatic Heating Cable
Our self regulating 12v heated cables have found worldwide applications in industry pipes and tanks heat tracing, indoor and outdoor heating systems, farming, control panel and electric systems, 
 Heat Preservation Roof Protection Automatic Heating Cable

providing the best heating, warming, freeze prevention and snow melting solution

Underground pipe freeze protection

Installation Notes
1) Don't damage cable. The bend radius should be more than 6 times of thickness of cable.
2) Well installation can guarantee the efficiency. Use nylon cable ties to fix heat cables.
3) Add an aluminum tape between the pipe and the heat cables if the Pipe is non-metallic.
4) After the installation, take a full test and make sure  the system works well.
5) Heat insulation materials should be dry and the joint of cable should be sealed.
6) Make a mark on the outer protective layer of the pipe.
7) The junction box should be sealed to prevent rainwater.
8) For explosion-proof products, the metal jacket should connected to the terminal.
9) Protective sleeve must not be damaged during installation, and the core wire can not bare.