Self Regulating Heating Cable
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Self Regulating Heating Cable
Self Regulating Heating Cable

Product Description

Self regulating heat trace Truck battery 12V electric heater 
Self Regulating Heating Cable

Product Description
    The low-temperature self-regulating heating cable  is widely used in fire protection,
petroleum,chemical industry, iron and steel, electric power and so on to keep pipes, tanks warm and prevent frostbite. This  cable is suitable for ordinary areas, hazardous areas and corrosive areas and more... 

Product type: DWK self-regulating heating cable series

Cable structure:  
1. Copper-core wire:  7×0.3
2. Conductive plastic layer: common PTC, fire-retardant PTC, fluorin-contained PTC 
3.  Insulation  layer:  modified  polyolefin,  fire-retardant  polyolefin,  fluorin-contained  polyolefin, 
fluorin material

1. Standard color: black, (custom) 
2. Temperature range: Max. Working temperature 65±5°C; Max. Exposure temperature 85°C; Max. Enduring temperature: modified polyolefin105°C; fire-retardant polyolefin:105°C;fluorin-contained polyolefin: 180°C; fluorin material: 205°C  
3. Minimum installation temperature:-40°C
Self Regulating Heating Cable
Self regulating heating cable is designed for residential,commercial and industrial filed.mainly used for Pipe freeze 
protection,or temperature maintenance of metal or plastic pipework and vessels.roof and gutter deicing applications.
snow melting outdoor according to the filed that you need.also include some special requirements,such as flue gas 
desulfurization for electricity generating station,oil well,ocean ship and fire it is ideal for using in freeze 
protection,temperature maintenance,keep the fluid flow and in right a word,meet process requirements.
 Self Regulating Heating Cable

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heating cable for greenhouse system and poultry farm system
heating cable for roof, gutter and road snow melting device
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Voltage grade: 12;24; 36V;110; 220;380 Volt  
Nominal power output (w/m at 10°C):15w/m, 20W/m, 25W/m, 30W/m 35w/m
Quality guarantee: 10 years
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1. Equal temperature safe and reliable.  
2. Save electric energy.  
3. Rapidly Temperature increase 
4. Low cost of installation and operation    
5. Easy to install and maintain.  
6. Convenient for automatic management.  
7. No pollute environment.