Heat Resistant Self Regulating Heating Cable
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Heat Resistant Self Regulating Heating Cable
Heat Resistant Self Regulating Heating Cable

Product Description

Heat resistant self regulating pipe insulation, roof snow melting silicone heating cable 

-----------------------------------Product Detail---------------------------------

Electric self regulating heating cable         Pipe heat tracing cable        DWK-PF

Operate temperature           Max maintain temperature:65°C 
Max withstands temperature:105°C
Max surface temperature: 65°C±5°C
Min installation temperature:-60 °C
Application fields                  Industry and construction fields
tank and pipe heat tracing;indoor and outdoor heating systems, freeze protection and snow melting
Service voltage 12,24,36,110,220,380V
Output power 10,20,25,30,35W/m
Max resistance of braid              
Thermostability Recircling from 10~99°C 300 times, the quantity of heat maintains more than 90%.
Bend radius 25.4mm at 20°C and 35.0mm at -30°C
Insulation resistance 100m heating cable, test it with 2500VDC megger for 1min at 75°C, the min insulation resistance is 2100MΩ
Ex-mark ExellT6
Heat Resistant Self Regulating Heating Cable

Advantages of pipe heat tracing cable :
Safe: Heating cable high efficient and convient heating system.
Automatism: Heating cable self regulating measure the melting requirement, and timely adjust the temperature.
Uniform temperature: The whole cable's temperature is uniform, no over heat or burnout.
Economical: The cost of installation and operation is relatively low; our heating system can efficiently avoid damage and save maintain fees. 
Eco-friendly: Our heating cable use the cleanest and most efficient power which are popular between customers.
Durable: Thickened metal electromagnetic Shielded  layer wrap-on heating cable, moisture proof, pressure proof, high resistance to penetration.
Warranty:Self regulating heating cable10 years quality guarantee
    In cold conditions, pipe easy to be freeze, and cannot be used properly , or even frost heave pipes to cause unnecessary trouble and loss, so we need some heat resource to supply extra temperature for pipe in order to prevent freeze.
    Minco self regulating  electric tracing heating cable widely used in the pipeline and storage tank of 
fossil oil, chemical industry,steel,electric power industries etc, have the function trace pipeline and 
keep warm, anti-freezing,those heating cable can be used in general area,danger area and 
corrosion area, keep the medium temperature of pipeline from 0~65°C.
Heat Resistant Self Regulating Heating Cable
Heat Resistant Self Regulating Heating Cable