Carbon Fiber Heating Cable for Underfloor
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Carbon Fiber Heating Cable for Underfloor
Carbon Fiber Heating Cable for Underfloor


Product Details

Basic Info.

Conductor Type:Stranded
Conductor Material:Carbon Fiber
Sheath Material:Teflon
Insulation Material:Teflon
Material Shape:Round Wire
Range of Application:Heating
Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:YIYUAN or OEM
HS Code:8544491100

Product Description

carbon fiber underfloor heating cable
Carbon Fiber Heating Cable for Underfloor
Carbon Fiber Heating Cable for Underfloor

Cabon Fiber: 24K carbon fiber, had construct by 24,000 piece carbon fiber, liberate far infared ray, and safe for people.


Teflon: protect high temprature, could bear 200C heat, crossion resistance, high-temprature resistance.

XLPE insulating layer:  PVC outer sheath: high-temprature resistant insulating layer adopts a double-layer insulation structure of new generation of Matean heating cable,general speaking, the quality of insluation layer directly affects the life of heating cable, matean high temprature heating cable insulation layer through repeated tests, is not deformation, not atrophy at 200C high temprature.

PVC outer sheath: the outer sheath is no pollution PVC material quality, PVC has anti-corrosion, good acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging effects, and 100% waterproof.


far infared ray carbon fiber  cable type :


power lenth weight pave area
230W 12.5M 1KG 1.5sqm
460W 25M 2KG 3sqm
690W 37.5M 3KG 4.6sqm
920W 50M 4KG 6.1sqm
1150W 62.5M 5KG 7.7sqm
1380W 75M 6KG 9.2sqm
1610W 87.5M 7KG 10.7sqm
1840W 100M 8KG 12.5sqm
2070W 112.5M 9KG 13.8sqm
2300W 125M 10KG 15.3sqm
2530W 150M 11KG 16.8sqm
2760W 162.5M 12KG 18.4sqm
2990W 175M 12KG 20sqm
Carbon Fiber Heating Cable for Underfloor
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