Constant Watt Heating Cable-Three Phase
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Constant Watt Heating Cable-Three Phase
Constant Watt Heating Cable-Three Phase

Product Details

Basic Info.

Conductor Type:Stranded
Conductor Material:Copper-Tinned Wire
Sheath Material:FEP
Insulation Material:Teflon
Material Shape:Flat Wire
Range of Application:Oil Well Field
Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:YIYUAN or OEM
HS Code:8544491100

Product Description

Constant watt heating cable-Three phase 
Constant Watt Heating Cable-Three Phase

HBL are constant in the quantity of heat in unit length. The longer the heating cable is, the more the total power it output is. The length of this heating wire can be cut according to actual need. Besides, it is also rich in flexibility, so it is convenient to get close on pipeline surface.

The external metal shield mesh prevents static. It not only improves total strength, but also has the functions of transferring and dissipating heat.

HBL is widely used in industry pipes &instruments for freeze prevention. Besides, it is specially suitable for long pipeline and large diameter pipe heat tracing and temperature maintenance. The Constant Wattage Heatig Cable has two insulation layers, use f46 as the insulating material, and wrap on a f46 outer jacket, so the cable can be usually used in hazardous , high temperature, high stress and high corrosion resistance area.


Besides has the characters of two phase ,the three phase also has the characters of the max using length/heating uniformly/balance the power grid load.

Technique data...

 Constant Watt Heating Cable-Three Phase


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3. "(Q)" in the model means this model has Enhanced fluoroplastic outjacket


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